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Virtual Salon 11/24/11 ~ 12

  art by Jacquie Lawson

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The Lloyd House Virtual Salon Newsletter 
(See at the end of this email for introductory material)

(Still swamped with fall activities;  keep sending me your ideas for Lloyd House Chautaqua!  We'll do it.)

Hi Everyone!

Some wonderful responses to my comment about camping out in the school yard to get your kids enrolled.  See Articles section. 

  Michael Taylor (RealFoodConnections ) just breezed by with my organic/pastured/farmer eggs and said the hens aren't laying much.  I asked Why?  It's not too hot, not too cold.  He said it is because we are receiving 22% less light from the sun now due to "chemtrails", chemicals added to jet fuels (and hence to condensation trails) that are changing the light permeability of the atmosphere so as to reduce global warming,... maybe.  We need a science type to review this material... see links in Articles section.  Anybody?

Having a great time Skyping with out-of-town children and grandchildren (Denver, Chicago, Boston) AND with our grand master Alexander Technique teacher Yehuda Kuperman in Jerusalem.  tutorials by Skype!  Amazing.  For those who may not know, you can see the person and talk back and forth like video telephone, and it is free.  Love it.

Jim Kesner is back with Tri-State Treasures, a rich list of cool things to do in arts and politics here in the area.  Check it out, below Articles section.  

I got all excited yesterday at Dan Lilley's office (P.T.) when he told me what miracles have been occurring for people with immune system problems (cancer, Crohn's disease, Multiple Sclerosis...etc) on the drug Naltrexone at very low doses.  See Articles section.  Wow!  


Hugs to everyone!




CALLING ALL SINGERS (pros, shower singers, old high school choristers... )The Martin Luther King Chorale is a community singing group led for 21 years by Cathy Roma and Todd O'Neal.  This is possibly the last year!  We have just 6 rehearsals on alternate Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 8:30 in College Hill a the House of Joy church (used to be a cinema) on Hamilton Ave by Cedar.  Parking off Cedar behind the church.  Gospel music.  You don't have to read music.  Everyone welcome.  No audition.  Wonderful experience!  Let's turn out in strength for Cathy and Todd and Dr King.  Concert at music hall in January on MLK Monday (16th).  I'll be there on Tues. Nov 29.  See you there!  ellen

Shop calm, shop local in OTR tomorrow. (vine to main st, n of Parkway)
Participating stores offer an "official bag" you can buy and then get 20% discount at all purchases.  Proceeds from bag sales go to Freestore Foodbank.  
Full lunch available at Park + Vine food bar 11 - 2 pm.  soup and sides until 10 pm.


COME TO  the Lloyd House 3901 Clifton Ave next Friday, Dec 2, at 5:30 for pot luck Shabbat 
at 7:00 for original poetry reading by Ellen Bierhorst and Erik Bendix.  End about 8:00.  
I love love love to read my stuff to a group.  Had a blast reading at Aquarius Star last July with Steve Sunderland, and am really looking forward to hearing Erik's stuff.  A fascinating guy.  Everyone welcome.  Suitable for kids over bar mitzvah age.  
At dinner we'll light candles and sing prayers and songs for the Jewish sabbath tradition.  If you don't know it, you'd like to come and participate.  You don't have to know anything.  
Hope to see you here,
Warmly,  Ellen


Speaking of gifts,  Want a cool gift for $30 that is worth $312?  Or a fantastic gift for $230 that is really worth $624?  
Give them an introductory 4 lessons to the Alexander Technique with Ellen Bierhorst, Ph.D. ($30)

Or a terrific introduction: 8 half-hour lessons for $230!  (offer designed for Alexander newbies.)
I'll make you a handsome gift certificate you can present to your special someone.
The Alexander Technique has been proved effective for back pain (e.g.Brittish Medical Journal study  here: ) and is so valuable in enhancing performance that ever major conservatory sports a faculty member who is an A.T. teacher.  Great for athletes, and anyone wanting to optimize their life.  I have a special interest in the geriatric application of the technique and have a number of students who are over 65.  Plus... it's fun!  Ellen 513 221 1289

Healing the Ties that Bind: 
Transforming our Family Legacy 
Saturday, December 3, 2011 
9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

Hi All:
Anne Becker, Paulette Meier and I are repeating a COLLABORATIVE constellation workshop we presented last spring.  Through work in the field, writing and chant, we will be able all of us to look at some present-day ill health or separated family or destructive pattern which might be traced to unknown or even intentionally hidden behavior of our parents and grandparents and on back.

This work called by many names now and evolved into many modalities was given the name Family Constellation Therapy by Bert Hellinger in the 90's.  This is one site among many if you want more information:

It is clear in my own life that my ancestors are players in my life, people I must account for.  If you have that inkling too, come join us.

Anne has so much enthusiasm for this work.  Paulette's voice comes out of the center of the earth and I have both a love of the written word and a deep love for this amazing work.

I have attached the flier.  In Paulette's words:  Come Join The Circle.

All is well, Valerie

Healing the Ties that Bind: 
Transforming our Family Legacy 
Saturday, December 3, 2011 
9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 
Anne Bernard Becker 
Valerie Chronis Bickett 
Paulette Meier 
Friends Meeting House 
3960 Winding Way 
Cincinnati, 45229 
We will use writing, meditative chanting, and the mindfulness-based tools of 
Family Constellation Work to explore and honor the powerful energy we all 
carry from our ancestors. We will look at our family systems with new eyes, 
seeking to release limiting beliefs and entanglements so we can move into the 
future at peace with our past. 
Registration is due by November 30. Cost is $65.00.  We will gather between 9:00 and 9:30, and 
the workshop will begin promptly at 9:30. Please bring a brown bag lunch.  
To register or for more information, contact Anne at 591-2942 or ; 
Valerie at or 681-9252 


check out the project of Design Impact ( Kate Hanisian and Ramsey Ford, former Lloyd Housemates ... these soaps were made by villagers in India where they are working to better things...  Ask about them at Park and Vine (now on Maine St in OTR).  

On Thu 17 Nov 2011, at 3:06 PM, ramsey ford wrote:

Kate and I are headed back to India on Tuesday for four more months! It has been a crazy couple months here in Cincinnati. We received the first shipment of the soaps that we've been working on and are kicking off sales this weekend at Park + Vine. It would be great to see you there if you've got time to drop by. I attached a flier that you can check out for more details. Please feel free to forward this to anyone that you think might be interested in purchasing some soap and supporting this project! (I saw that you had the blurb from P+V in your newsletter!)


We have 2vacancies.  Can't wait to meet the next denizens of the Lloyd House.  Tell your friends.  One lovely room, 3 windows, private bath, double bed loft if you like.  Gas fireplace.  Shared kitchen (with 3 other people) on third floor, off street parking, wonderful environment, in Clifton gaslight, just 2 mi. North of UC, 1/2 mile from expressway I-75.  High speed internet.  $485, head, electricity included.  Laundry facilities provided free.  One adult only, no smoking, no pets, no kids.  Must be over 24 years old.

Other space is the 3rd floor 2 room suite:

Oh and get this, we are now listed on  for temporary lodging in the lovely 3rd floor suite.  Have had our first guest, and it was good.  

And we have had advance notice from Kristen that she will  be moving her Pilates studio to her home in February, so that means that the 2 room suite on the third floor will also be available then.  


 Claire RECHNITZER wrote:

  • Hi Everyone,
    Some of you are regular or occasional attendees of the free weekly Alexander Technique practice sessions at the Lloyd House - Sundays from 3:45 to 4:30pm. If you haven't participated yet, please join the fun! (
    Claire and Ellen
    Claire, Alan, Fanchon, Gene, Anita, Dolly
    A.T. Sunday Practice 11/20/11 watching the movie DVD "Move Well Avoid Injury" ~

FREE Alexander Technique Practice session every Sunday 3:45 - 4:30 at the Lloyd House.  Open to all (students, teachers, the general public)

 Ellen Bierhorst Ph.D. ~ Alexander Techniqu
e ~ ~ 513 221 1289 ~ Cincinnati

    Fantastic introductory fee deal :  First lesson free; second through 4th lessons only $10.  After that, only $50/lesson if you buy a package of 4 at a time, prepaid. *   The real fee is $78 per lesson.  I am interested in "turning on" as many people as possible to this wonderful learning.  Good for pain, for performance improvement in the arts, athletics, ... And finally, good for personal development.  It has definite geriatric benefit as well.  

    You can read about my own experiences and find links to other sites here: 

    Call and ma
ke an appointment or to discuss it with me.  513 221 1289.  
* However, it is my commitment to 
adjust fees for anyo
ne truly wanting lessons who cannot afford even this modest fee.  Try it and see.  Ellen

GET THIS!:  fabulous animation showing you how to sit in front of the computer:

And here is another fabulous short video on posture for health and power:

Oh and P.S.:  I've started posting videos on YouTube on a variety of subjects.  You can search by my name.  Fun.  
Ellen Bierhorst


Come to the Drumming Circle Tuesday!    
Oct. drum circle:  jackie, Baoku, Kabir, Ellen, Jude

Hope You Can Make It!!

   ~~Shake it up!!!  Rattle and roll!! ~~  

 DRUMMING TIME AGAIN ~~ TUESDAY,November 29,  6:45 to 8:45

Drumming time!!

Let the good vibrations move you into joy ~~ dancing, happiness, clapping, whatever your spirit feels...

Please join us on Tuesday, November 29 from 6:45 to 8:45PM at 3901 Clifton Ave., The Lloyd House.
Bring snacks if you care to.  Best to park on Lafayette(after you drop off any equipment).  
no prior experience needed; all ages welcomed.

Looking forward to some vibes up.

call with questions at 513-541-4900.

Jackie Millay  


For list of upcoming events involving Park + Vine,

The SparkPeople Cookbook Signing + Vegan Demo: (event already past but looks interesting, check out website: ellen)
From the team that brought you, America's #1
weight-loss and fitness site, and the New York Times bestseller The
Spark, comes The SparkPeople Cookbook. SparkRecipes Editor Stepfanie
Romine is signing this practical yet inspirational guide, which is
based on the same easy, real-world principles as the SparkPeople
program, noon to 2 p.m. Dec. 10 at Park + Vine, 1202 Main Street.
Romine is doing a vegan cooking demonstration at noon

Danny Korman
Park + Vine
1202 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH  45202


Hello Ellen,
... It was very nice to be back drumming with you and others on Tue.
Thank you very much for wanting to help me promote my class in your news
letter. I have attached the flyer that was made for the class, it says
lots of things about the class.

About me:
Baoku Moses
An African performing artist and an Afro-beat musician. The founder, lead
singer, percussionist and composer of The Image Afro-beat Band. The
Founder and artistic Director of Positive Image Arts. An African drum and
dance teacher. I have lived in Cincinnati for the last nine years, and
have over 17 years of professional training and performing experience of
African cultural performing arts.

My contacts:
Baoku Moses

Thank you very, very much again Ellen, please let me know if you need
additional information. Take care, I will see you soon.


(4) Susan Crew,Ph.D,  Jungian Psychologist and Shamanic Practitioner announces, "All divinations during the month of December will be $20.00 (regularly $90.00 to $120.00). All proceeds will be sent to the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, Africa. For more information go to Contact Susan at


Susan B. Crew, Ph.D.
Jungian Psychologist

-Judy Lubow on parents camping out at Clifton Fairview School
- Michael Taylor telling me about 'chemtrails' and global government conspiring to reduce our sunlight?
See and  We need someone to assess this for us.

- Low Dose Naltrexone gives wonderful healing for immune system problems like MS, Crohn's Disease, Cancer including Leukemia.

Judy Lubow on Parents Camping to Enroll at Public School

On Thu 17 Nov 2011, at 9:30 PM, Judy Lubow wrote:

Ellen, Your note about the recent camp out at Fairview Elementary engendered a lot of thoughts and feelings. My most serious concern with the camp out is that there are so many people who just can't camp out at all,  much less for 12 days.  Sometimes they can't even get to a school they would like their child to attend because they have to be at work, have other children or family members to care for, have no transportation...single parent warm enough clothes,,,,no time available to take off from back up person to hold their slot.  If only we could go back to neighborhood schools that have the programs and staffing that families would willingly send their children to. When I drive through Clifton in the morning and see families walking their kids to school, or see kids on their own walking or on bikes it reminds me of how schools used to be. 
The idea of magnet or alternative schools originally was developed as a way of avoiding forced busing. There was a threatened lawsuit in the 70's and forced busing had been instituted in several Northern cities. Donald Waldrip, Superintendent of CPS at the time decided that a solution could be putting extra school resources into poverty neighborhoods so that middle class (usually white) families willingly either brought or bused their kids there.  The first criteria for acceptance at the time was racial balance.  I believe that initially neighborhood kids could attend as their school, but as more out of neighborhood students enrolled, the schools became totally alternative, based on a particular model, and  neighborhood kids began being reassigned and bused out.
Ellen, you and I chose Lotspeich when there weren't alternatives for curiousity driven learning in Cincinnati. Many other moved to the suburbs.
I think that Sands Montessori was the first alternative school. It opened in a small facility in Mt. Adams, but soon moved to Liberty Street in Over the Rhine, where it remained for many years, developing the reputation as a premier elementary school.  When there was a bond issue for buildings, the oldest schools were taken out of use. Sands Montessori was relocated to Mt. Washington where it currently exists. When it was first moved, it was into a former Jr. HS.  A new school was recently build on another part of that school site, where the school is currently located.
N Avondale Elementary was revived as a Montessori School. That school too  has been moved , but has returned to its original location in a brand new building.  SCPA was briefly in Roselawn, but then moved to Over the Rhine.  It, too has been rebuilt as a K-12 school, on Central parkway, very close to Music Hall.
Many other alternative, or magnet schools have been developed, some more successful than others.  More Montessori schools were added. A Paeidea (sp?) Academy  was built in Pleasant Ridge, a Spanish bilingual school in Hartwell, a K-3 Arts Enrichment school on short Vine St in Corryville, all of these originally to encourage parents to seek out quality education outside of their neighborhoods, thereby bypassing the racial homogeneity of neighborhood schools.
Fewer and fewer neighborhood school remained, which also made parent envolvement more difficult.  Other lawsuits were filed at different levels of education, whose results have been that having racial criteria as part of enrollment or employment practice, even for improving racial balance  are illegal.
The bottom line is that the original purpose of developing magnet schools is no longer valid.  Yet, as a way of maintaining quality education and a variety of options within the system these magnet schools have remained, and  some of them have become especially difficult to have children be enrolled.
Fairview School no longer sits at the edge of a poverty area, but in the heart of the more affluent section of Clifton, but for families to use it as  their neighborhood school their camp outs get longer each year. 
 I was actually a part of the line at Fairview several years ago. I drove by and observed people camping out.  There had been a statement from CPS administration that year that camp outs were not permitted.  Nontheless a line had formed.  Someone was taking names.   I had a grandson who was eligible for K the following fall.  We had talked about possible schools for him, but they hadn't decided what would be the best choice, and it seemed so early  in the school year, in November, to be making a choice  for K for the following year. I knew that my son was working that night and my daughter in law was home and busy with their 2 children. So, being an active, perhaps overactive, grandma,  I signed my grandson up. I couldn't remain on the line all night, but the person taking names said that the line would reform in the morning based on the  order of the list she was writing. Then, out of curiousity,  I drove over to Burton School, then the temporary site of N Avondale school. No one was there.  Early the next morning I showed up in my long underwear with a lawn chair and rejoined the line.  I called my son, who was about to go to sleep. He told me to get off the line, that they had decided to sign up at a different school.  Later that day they drove over to the Schiel Arts Enrichment school (a smaller K-3 school on short Vine St in Corryville), which had not had a line and signed up their son.  He is now attending the new  SCPA, which used to be gr 4-12 and is now K-12, having combined with Schiel. If they had not been able to get to Schiel on that particular day, I'm not sure where his "neighborhood school" would have been.
Regarding Fairview and the other alternative schools. I think that now there is a partial lottery which is why there were so few slots open this year. Also, once you get one child in, the younger sibs have automatic acceptance.  If its a big year for entering kindergarteners there are fewer slots for the others.
If I were a parent today living in the city, with the situation as it is, I would carefully research the options and I too would probably camp out, taking turns with my husband, or any one else I could convince, to assist us, for as long as needed, but that doesn't make it the right way to run a school system. On the other hand, were it not for these options, it is possible that even more families would leave the city for the suburbs.
No choices are easy.
Giving and sending thanks to you for all you do to keep our city a vibrant, thoughtful community,
Judy Lubow 

Low Dose Naltrexone for Cancer, Crohn's, MS, etc.
My understand of what Dan Lilley was telling me yesterday:  Naltrexone works at 50mg for chemical dependency/addiction and alcoholism because it knocks out the ... (was it beta endorphins and enkephelins?  I think that's what he said).  But what the brilliant doctor discovered was that at a tiny dose, like 3.5 mg it unleashes those same beta endorphins and enkephelins.  Now that's important because it is those substences which guide the macrophages and white blood cells that attack diseases in the body.  When they are in short supply, those attack cells don't have good direction, and so they attack cells of the body.  Hence Auto-immune disease.  The Naltrexone at very low dose has been found to be effective in halting M.S., Parkinson's Disease (PD), Lots of kinds of cancer, Crohn's disease etc.  Dan told me stories of wonderful recoveries.  Check it out here:  
It is difficult to find physicians willing to prescribe this off-label use, but there are some.  Apparently Drs. Tom Dryer and Clarke Baxter are among those locally who do.  Dan, who is a cancer survivor, takes LDN every day so that he never has cancer again.  
Here's another quote from the website :

The successful results of the first US medical center research on LDN, an open-label trial that tested the use of LDN in Crohn's disease (details here), was presented in May 2006 by Professor Jill Smith of the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. The National Institutes of Health has granted $500,000 for Dr. Smith's group to continue the study as a larger placebo-controlled scientific trial of LDN in Crohn's disease.

I am going to try to get some, as I have a low level hypothyroidism (probably Hashimoto's), and the website says it helps with that.  OK!   ellen


write me your ideas, responses.  I'll publish it here.  ellen

On Fri 18 Nov 2011, at 6:06 PM, Fabien T. wrote:

Thank you, Ellen!  There's so much in this update that I look forward to--in particular, I've put your poetry reading and the choral group in Northside on my calendar.  With Jim Kesner on hiatus, your newsletters become especially important--where else would I hear about all this??


Fabien Tepper.

From Karen Skillman:
Interesting vide on posture and health.  Karen
From Evan Bukey:
Two items:
1) $625 is a lot of money to pay for eyeglasses. I have a pair of fancy designer frames, but-all-in-all the tab was about $250 - though some years ago.
THE VISITOR  is an excellent film, though immigration problems constitute only one part of a larger whole.
Happy Thanksgiving!

From susan Pepper:
Susan Pepper writes:
Dear Friends, 
An important issue on the table right now for Ohio.  If you can contact your representative or do anything to help push this forward, please do for the benefit of all Ohio Citizens, especially the most vulnerable including babies and children.
And she quotes the Sierra Club email:
A report released just last week named Ohio as the second worst state in the country for airborne mercury pollution from power plants.1
Currently, there are no limits on how much mercury coal plants are allowed to spew out. However, proposed mercury standards by the EPA can change this by putting vital protections in place for our families and communities.
Mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin, is released primarily by coal-fired power plants throughout Ohio. It contaminates our air and water and can lead to learning disabilities and birth defects in children.
We are close to crossing the finish line on mercury protections. Expected new EPA standards will go a long way to reducing coal plants' mercury emissions. Once proposed, President Obama has until Dec. 16 to approve the standards.
 Demonstrating strong public support now is critical to seeing that these new protections go into effect.



SIMON SAYS: book reviews by Anna
(Hey Anna , send us one!  ellen)


Happy Thanksgiving
to you & your family
Tri-State Treasures
Tri-State Treasures is a chronological compilation of unique local people, places, and events that may enrich your lives.  These treasures have been submitted by you and others who value supporting quality community offerings.  Please consider supporting these treasures, and distributing the information for others to enjoy.  And please continue forwarding your Tri-State Treasures ideas tojkesner at
Information about Tri-State Treasures and how to submit them, and an explanation of my convention for expressing email addresses and websites is at the bottom of this email.  Please help me by providing all basic information, and formatting your submissions as described below.  Thank you.

Sincerely,  Jim
New Treasure:
Le Bon Vivant for Holiday Shopping: Le Bon Vivant is a wonderful new store in East Walnut Hills where you can find gifts, fabulous foods, lovely French wines & the best baguette in town. The feature gourmet French foods, table & kitchen linens, fine bath & body products & kitchen & serve ware. Catherine carries terrific things for holiday gifts. Don't miss her selection of chocolates & arguably the best baguettes in town. At Le Bon Vivant, DeSales Corner, 2801 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206. More info at 513.221.2921 &
Upcoming Treasures:

Kennedy Heights Art Center Winter Break Art Camps [December 20, 21, 27, 28, 29 @ 9:30am-2:30pm]: Single day camps with different themes each day for youth ages 5-14. Tuition is $25 each day. Child-care provided from 2:30-5pm for $5 more. At Kennedy Heights Art Center, 6546 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213. More info at 513.631.4278, info at &
<> Season's Printings [Tue 20 Dec]: Make silk screen prints & hand-made stamps from snowflake cutouts. Create greeting cards, stationary & thank you notes with several print methods. Instructor: Karen Overmyer. Ages 9-14. 
<> Amazing Mosaics [Wed 21 Dec]: Create a big design by starting small. Learn the art of mosaic & create a 1-of-a-kind picture frame to hold a photo or your artwork; perfect for a gift. Snip, glue & create an amazing handmade treasure to keep. Instructor: Robin Hartman. Ages 5-12. 
<> How to Make Your Own Dragon [Tue 27 Dec]: Are you a How to Train Your Dragon fan? Young Vikings will create 3-D papier-mâché dragons as wild & wacky as their imagination. Night Fury will have nothing on your dragon. Instructor: Kelly Langdon. Ages 5-12. 
<> Elf Tales From Around the World [Wed 28 Dec]: Take the stage to explore holiday tales from cultures around the world & learn acting techniques to perform the stories in skits. Instructor: Bet Stewart, Intuition Theatre. Ages 5-12. 
<> Making Creative Calendars for 2012 [Thu 29 Dec]: Create a personalized 12 month calendar for the 2012 year. Learn to design each month with a special theme plus create cool images for birthdays, holidays, moon phases & other special events. Instructor: Kim Watling. Ages 9-14. 
Hamilton County Park District Winter Hike Series [Saturdays 7 January – 4 February @ 10am; register by Tuesday 20 December]:Challenging hikes along beautiful trails in 5 parks on consecutive Saturdays. Each hike will be four 5.5 miles of nature trails with a hot bowl of soup & beverages afterwards.
    Sat 07 Jan: Winton Woods - Bean soup with cornbread
    Sat 14 Jan: Sharon Woods - Chicken noodle soup
    Sat 21 Jan: Miami Whitewater Forest - Chili soup & crackers
    Sat 28 Jan: Woodland Mound - Chicken & wild rice soup
    Sat 04 Feb: Shawnee Lookout - Vegetable beef & barley soup
Register at by Tuesday 20 December. $5 per person, per hike; kids under 13 hike for free with registered adult. Space is limited. No pets or drop-ins. Valid Park Permit ($10 annual; $3 daily) required to enter parks. More info at 513.521.7275 &
Calendar of Treasures:
Devotion to Detail - opening [Final Friday 25 November @ 6-10pm]: Works in ceramic, paper & mixed media by Lyndsey Fryman, Raymond Papka & Eric Standley. At Marta Hewett Gallery, Pendleton Art Center, 1310 Pendleton Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at 513.281.2780, marta at &
Santaland at Holiday in Lights [Friday 25 November – Friday 23 December @ 6-9pm (Sun-Thu) & 6-10pm (Fri-Sat)]: Families will feel the magic as they step into Santaland, surrounded by holiday cheer. Kids will meet a talking Christmas tree, give a "ba-hum-bug" to Scrooge, visit the Holiday Train Depot, see the new Holiday Elf Show (Mon-Thu only) & take a photo on Santa's lap. Dickens Carolers will fill the air with holiday music (Fri-Sun only). Kids 2-12 can play on the Sharon Centre's indoor Adventure Station. Nature's Niche Gifts & Books will be open with holiday gifts. Sweet treats & warm drinks. Free admission. Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($10 annual; $3 daily) needed for entry. At Sharon Centre, 11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville, Cincinnati, OH 45241. More info at 513.521.7275 &
Peruvian Cuisine & Old Time String Band Music [Saturday 26 November @ 6-8pm]: Mark Ward & Barb Zavon, The Barn Owl Buskers, play fiddler, banjo & guitar. They will be joined by Nikos Pappas, fiddler extraordinaire, from Lexington, KY. Listen to lively American folk tunes in an eclectic setting while enjoying a delicious meal. All items on the menu are under $10. This evening's entertainment follows the Mt. Washington holiday walk. At Tumi Cafe, 2061 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230. More info including menu at 513.624.8864 &
November Vinyl Night [Tuesday 29 November @ 7:30pm]: Vinyl Night encourages folks to play & advocate on behalf of their favorite 33 & 45 rpm records that, for whatever reason, have grown obscure or forgotten (or out-of-print) in the CD/digital era. Younger fans of vinyl are invited to bring their latest purchases & thrift-shop discoveries. At H.D. Beans & Bottles Cafe, 6721 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236. More info at SRosenOne at & lastsafari at
White Christmas [Thursday 1 - Friday 23 December]: Based on the beloved, timeless film, this heartwarming musical adaptation features 17 Irving Berlin songs & a book by David Ives & Paul Blake. A couple veterans enjoy a successful song-&-dance act after World War II. With romance in mind, the 2 follow a duo of beautiful singing sisters en route to their Christmas show at a Vermont lodge. The dazzling score features well known standards including Blue Skies, Happy, Snow & White Christmas. Tickets: $23 (adults), $20 (seniors & students). At the Covedale Center For the Performing Arts, 4990 Glenway Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45238. More info & tix at 513.241.6550 &
Peak Oil & Building Community Resilience [Friday 2 December @ 7:30-9:00pm]: A Lecture by Drs. Heather Reynolds & Dave Rollo from Bloomington, Indiana, explaining the failures of our current economic system & describing the changes necessary to achieve environmental sustainability & provide jobs for all who want to work. Part of a series of free public films & speakers called "Fixing the Future: Building a Just & Sustainable Economy," which challenge the idea that we must choose between a strong economy & a healthy planet. Cosponsored by the Woman's City Club & the Social Justice Committee of the First Unitarian Church, joined by the Cincinnati Office for Environment. At First Unitarian Church at Reading and Linton in Avondale. More info at sarah.gideonse at
5th Street Gallery: Thank You Cincinnati Holiday Party with Artists [Friday 2 December @ 6-9pm]: 5th Street Gallery is celebrating its 6th year with this Holiday Party with the Artists. Join the Gallery artists for Holiday fun, food & drink with new works of art created especially for holiday giving. At 5th Street Gallery, 55 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at 513.579.9333, 5thstreetgallery at
Holiday Punch [Saturday 3 December @ 11am]: The Frisch Marionette Company presents a variety show full of surprise packages & magical moments you will remember year after year. The show features hand puppets & trick marionettes, sure to get you into the warmth of the holiday spirit. Tickets are $5. At Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, 4990 Glenway Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45238. More info & tix at 513.241.6550 &
Annual EACC Winter Outing to Lebanon Carriage Parade & Christmas Festival [Saturday 3 December @ 12:30-3:00pm]: Join friends - old & new - from the European American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) for a delightful afternoon in historic Lebanon for their annual Carriage Parade & Christmas Festival. Enjoy gift & food vendors along E. Mulberry Street, Christmas carolers, traveling bell choir, storytelling, Paso Fino Horse Demonstrations, musical entertainment, train ride to the North Pole on the North Pole Express, visits with Santa & Mrs. Claus, street characters, & extended business hours for Lebanon's 80-plus antique & specialty stores. Meet outside the Warren County Historical Museum at 12:30pm to go to a great parade viewing spot. The parade runs from 1pm till about 1:45pm. At 2pm, the Welcome Committee & guests will return to the Historical Museum for a 1-hour presentation by Historian Zachariah Johnson in character costume. Museum admission is $5; kids under 18 years get in free. Meet at the Warren County Historical Museum, 105 S. Broadway, Lebanon, OH 45036. More info at 513.977.8670 & Become a EACC member
Education & Technology: Broadening Cultural & Community Perspectives [Saturday 3 December @ 2-4pm]: The New School Montessori in North Avondale will sponsor Dr. Jeff Stanzler from the University of Michigan's School of Education, who will discuss the potential that technology has for opening up & enriching the world of the classroom. Free. Limited seating. At The New School Montessori 3 Burton Woods Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45229. More info & reserve place at 513.281.7999, ann.b at &
Cincinnati Opera Chorus Auditions [Saturday-Sunday 3-4 December]: There will be additional auditions for the Opera's 2012 Summer Festival Chorus. Singers should prepare two contrasting arias in the original languages. An accompanist will be provided. Schedule auditions at 513.768.5568 or lbailey at At Corbett Opera Center in Music Hall, 1243 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at
Weekend Life Drawing Marathon [Saturday-Sunday 3-4 December @ 9:30am-5:00pm]: 12 hours of uninstructed open life drawing with a live model. This offering is generally intended for longer, more extended poses, & to give pros, students & novices a chance to access the model in a condensed time period. Participants may work in various media besides drawing, & come & go during the scheduled time frame, accessing the model & space at their convenience thru the weekend. This is not just for advanced life-drawers; it's for those who want to practice drawing from the live model in a friendly, comfortable studio, with like-minded, generally happy people. Tuition is $60; $30 for students; free for Drawing League members. At Manifest Creative Research Gallery & Drawing Center, 2727 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206. More info, schedule & register at 513.861.3638 &
Downtown Dazzle Days [Saturdays-Sundays 3-4, 10-11 & 17-18 December @ 1-4pm]: Holiday activities, crafts & special performances at 2pm. Sponsored by Cincinnati Family Magazine, Cincinnati Recreation Commission, Kroger & Downtown Cincinnati, Inc. Free. In the Reading Garden Lounge, Main Library, 800 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at 513.369.6900 &
36th Annual Holiday Sale at Memorial Hall [Sunday 4 December @ noon - 4pm]: The premier sale featuring work by 9 accomplished artists: ceramics, wood, 18k woven gold jewelry, paintings, batik, clothing, and handmade paper art & notecards. Enjoy live music & refreshment that enhance the experience. At Memorial Hall, 1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at "Holiday Sale at Memorial Hall" on Facebook. 
Artist's Talk: Diana Duncan Holmes [Sunday 4 December @ 2pm]: Cincinnati-based artist Diana Duncan Holmes, whose work has been exhibited extensively regionally & internationally, discusses her current exhibition, Bags, Bowlz, Blowouts +, of work made between 2009 & 2011, in a collaborative talk with partner Timothy Riordan. At Iris BookCafe & Gallery, 1331 Main Street, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at 513.260.8434, 513.381.2665 & Iris' Facebook page.  
Hallelujah Handel Series on WGUC [Sundays 4, 11, 18, 25 December @ 9-10pm]: Cincinnati Opera & 90.9 WGUC will present an encore presentation of "Hallelujah Handel," a 4-part radio series hosted by Evans Mirageas, Artistic Director of Cincinnati Opera. The series, broadcast over 4 Sunday evenings in December, will explore the life & work of composer George Frideric Handel. Each program highlights a different facet of Handel's musical development: his apprentice years in Rome; his artistic life in London with legendary singers; his artistic & personal friendships with the royal family; the music he created. 
    Part I: Handel in Italy [Sun 4 Dec @ 9pm]
    Part II: Handel's Singers [Sun 11 Dec @ 9pm]
    Part III: Handel & Royalty [Sun 18 Dec @ 9pm]
    Part IV: The Messiah Phenomenon [Sun 25 Dec @ 9pm]
Listen to the series on 90.9 WGUC (90.9 FM or at More info at &
Screening of Miss Representation [Wednesday 7 December @ 7pm]: Written & directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Miss Representation exposes how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power & influence in America. The film challenges the media's limited & often disparaging portrayals of women & girls, making it difficult for women to achieve leadership positions & for the average woman to feel powerful. Tickets are $10. At Know Theatre Of Cincinnati, 1120 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info & tix at 513.300.5669 &
Winter in the Woodlands [Friday 9 December @ 6-8pm; register by Monday 5 December]: Families & adults can follow a beautiful, luminaria-lit trail on a leisurely self-guided walk thru the forest. Decorate your own home-baked holiday cookies, make crafts & enjoy acoustic Celtic music provided by Coel Mhor ( Learn how to play a dulcimer with the Strothers family. Paid reservations required by Monday 5 December. $5/person. At California Woods Nature Preserve, 5400 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230. Parking is limited, please carpool as much as possible. More info & register at

Ongoing Treasures:
Bags, Bowlz, Blowouts + : The Monochromes of Diana Duncan Holmes [thru Friday 9 December]: An exhibition of photographs made between 2009 & 2011 by Diana Duncan Holmes, a Cincinnati-based artist whose work has been exhibited extensively regionally & internationally. In the past decade, Holmes has taught advanced photography as an adjunct professor at NKU, & received artist residencies in Prague & Reykjavik & an Individual Artist Grant from the City of Cincinnati. At Iris BookCafe & Gallery, 1331 Main Street, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at 513.260.8434, 513.381.2665 & Iris' Facebook page
Out of the Shadows: The Rise of Women in Art [thru Saturday 10 December]: This exhibit features several of Anna Socha VanMatre's works alongside those of other important female artists (Louise Nevelson, Sonia Delaunay & Betty Parsons) & male artists (Willem de Kooning & Frank Duveneck) who focus on women's sociological subjects. "A multifaceted exploration that goes beyond a highlight tour of notable women artists, 'Out of the Shadows' examines women as the subject of art, explores the role of the women as artist, & looks at the struggles women endured in an effort to be recognized for their talents." At the Miami University Art Museum, 801 South Patterson Avenue, Oxford, OH 45056. More info at
Feldenkrais® Awareness Thru Movement Classes [Mondays thru 19 December @ 6pm & 7:30pm]: Enjoy ease & efficiency, improve coordination, manage stress & experience vital, dynamic posture. For the very active to the barely active. Ask if a class is right for you. At the Feldenkrais Within Studio, 4124 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223. More info & fees at 513.541.5720, support at &
A Winter Art Show [thru Saturday 31 December]: An art exhibit featuring original & print works by local & regional artists with seasonal & holiday themes. Free. Sponsored by Row House Gallery & Custom Framing in Milford, OH. At River Hills Christian Church, 6300 Price Road, Loveland, OH. More info at 513.831.7230 &
Holiday in Lights [thru Saturday 31 December @ 6-9pm (Sun-Thu) & 6-10pm (Fri-Sat)]: The magic & wonder of the season brought together thru thousands of twinkling lights & holiday cheer. Enjoy a mile of festive light displays that wind thru wooded hills, all from the warmth of your car. Tune to Warm 98 radio FM for holiday music. $12 per car; $45 for buses or vans with more than 15 passengers. Park Vehicle Permit is NOT required. At Sharon Woods, 11450 Lebanon Road (Route 42), Sharonville, OH. More info including $2 discount at 513.769.0393 & &
Light Source: Guild Members & Friends Holiday Show [thru Saturday 31 December]: Kennedy Guild members & other invited artists present illuminating artwork inspired by light & more in the upcoming holiday show. The exhibition includes new work by juried painters & photographers, plus jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, fiber, wood & glass works. The gift shop includes more handmade treasures perfect for gifts. At Kennedy Heights Arts Center, 6546 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213. More info at 513.631.4278 &
Charles Dickens-A Christmas Carol & Other Classics on View at the Main Library [thru Monday 2 January]: An exhibit featuring the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County's collection of Charles Dickens' 1st & early editions. Free. In the Joseph S. Stern, Jr. Cincinnati Room, Main Library, 800 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at 513.369.6900 &
A Cincinnati Christmas Carol: Behind the Scenes of Cincinnati's Favorite Holiday Theatre Tradition [thru Sunday 8 January]: Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Scrooge, Tiny Tim & the rest of your favorite characters. Presented in partnership with Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, the exhibit includes costumes, props, set designs, photos & much more. Free. In the Atrium, Main Library, 800 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info at 513.369.6900 &
Alexander Technique Weekly Open Practice [Sundays @ 3:45-4:30pm]: For all Alexander Technique teachers, students & the curious. Led by Ellen Bierhorst. Free. At the Lloyd House, 3901 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220. More info at & 

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